Pablo Melchor

where creativity and technology converge to produce compelling narratives and mesmerizing experiences. As a creative producer straddling the realms of commercial and experimental projects, I've built an eclectic and diverse portfolio that captures the essence of modern storytelling.

My work spans a wide spectrum, from crafting compelling branded content and immersive PR material, to breathing life into experimental short films and interactive media. Every project is a testament to my belief that the right blend of creativity and technology can break new ground and inspire audiences in unexpected ways.
Highlights of my work include "Dutty Lingo," a powerful exploration of Manchester's sub-cultures, displayed on four giant screens at the Tate Modern's Tanks in 2012. This monumental collective project united the voices of 125 interviewees and marked a significant milestone in my career.

"The Mystery of Morniel Mathaway," one of my time-traveling short films, allowed me to translate the vibrant energy of East London and the intricacies of the human psyche onto the silver screen.

In the realm of commercial ventures, my innovative use of deepfake technology in a series of short videos for AXA insurence clinched the Gold Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival in 2019.

Recently, as Senior creative producer at Happy Finish Ltd, I invited audiences at the V&A museum to experience the magic of marker-less motion capture and high-quality fabric simulation, transforming them into animated fashion icons.
If you're a potential collaborator, a journalist, a future employer, or simply someone curious about the intersection of art and technology, you'll find a repository of creativity, dedication, and professional rigour here. My commitment to storytelling extends from the early days of computer graphics in the late '90s to today's cutting-edge technologies, all while maintaining a deep love for the power of narrative iconography.
As you explore my work, I hope you'll appreciate my unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise. I look forward to the possibility of working together, shaping the future of film and interactive media, and continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible.