by Pablo Melchor

where creativity and technology converge to produce compelling narratives and mesmerizing experiences. I have been surfing the realms of game, commercial and experimental medias for almost 2 decades, and we have built an eclectic and diverse portfolio that captures the essence of modern storytelling.

Welcome to my world, where creativity meets the cutting edge of technology, and every project is a journey beyond the ordinary. I'm a storyteller at heart, with a career decorated by ambitious projects that span the realms of short form, branded content, immersive PR materials, experimental films, large-scale projection, and interactive installations. My passion? To craft experiences that not only captivate but also resonate deeply with audiences, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.
Noteworthy Projects:
As a Senior Creative Producer at No Ghost and previously at Happy Finish Ltd, I've not only spearheaded projects but also nurtured the fusion of creativity and technology. From pitching groundbreaking ideas to industry leaders to transforming audiences into animated fashion icons through advanced motion capture at the V&A Museum, my journey has been one of continuous innovation and boundless creativity. I have also pushed several digital twin projects, providing innovative solutions to big industry players in fashion and energy infrastructure. 

in the past few years, I also created a virtual influencer for M&S, worked on several interactive experiences for Adidas and Nike, lead the design and development of an AR app for Ford and took part in as many film and game jams as I could.

If we look further back in time, here are a few other projects I am proud of:

"Dutty Lingo": A vivid exploration of Manchester's subcultures, showcased on the grand stage of Tate Modern's Tanks in 2012. This project, a collaboration involving the voices of 125 individuals, was not just a career milestone but a vibrant tapestry of urban life and culture.
"The Mystery of Morniel Mathaway": A short film where time travel meets the eclectic vibrancy of East London. It's here I translated the complexities of human emotion and the essence of a locale into a compelling narrative visual experience.
AXA Insurance Campaign: Leveraging deepfake technology, I led the creation of groundbreaking short videos that clinched the Gold Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival in 2019. A testament to innovation in storytelling within the commercial sphere.
What truly sets me apart is my holistic understanding of interactive design and my versatility across various media. Technology-agnostic at my core, I excel in identifying and harnessing the ideal technological and creative solutions to elevate each project.

Why Connect?
Whether you're a leader in the immersive industry, exploring immersive media services from other sectors, or a fellow visionary aiming to redefine the landscape of digital art and media, here lies a partnership opportunity. Together, we can shape the future of film and interactive media, crafting stories that linger and experiences that mesmerize.