VR creations
A new medium to create. 
I am very excited to be part of the start of a new form of media experience. It is an amazing continuation of what I was trying to achieve through film and live projections. Brand new tools have emerged, often unperfect but already offering new possibilities to create efficiently and reliably highly artistic and immersive experiences. I 've just spent 4 full days shaping some scenes and environments and got together friends and colleagues to come and test them to give me some feedback and discuss where it could go from there. Everyone was very enthusiastic about my work and the feedback has fueled some exceptional spontaneous brainstorming sessions. Since then I have spent 2 days just writing down all the comments and the ideas that got spark then.

I am now going to develop those ideas into the "Unreal" software in order to turn them into VR ​​​​​​​artistic experiences,   VR apps and VR games. 
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