VR vaporwave experience
Based around the musical YouTube phenomenon of vaporwave. We created, in unreal, a room-scale VR (oculus rift) experience where you can enjoy the chill, relaxing and nostalgic ambience, play mini-games and follow a narrative thread exploring a coming of age story, helping young people to understand and overcome the fears and responsibilities that arise with adult life.
In this carefully crafted environment, deeply immerse in the vaporwave aesthetic, you can enjoy an original soundtrack by the producer Yovenek, play VR adaptation on classic games, follow an interactive story with the great performances of actors Harriet Green and Hugh Conney.

We have developed this experience for a group assessment at Goldsmith university, in just 6 weeks, from one of my original idea.
I have developed the concept with the team and took care of production and artistic direction as well as creating the sound effects and part f the 3d assets.
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