"The Devil Is I the Details"
First group project for my master in video game art and design at Goldsmiths University.

The brief what very open: first person game.
What we made:

First person adventure/horror and puzzles game.

Dropped in the garden of a country manor you have to find the three lost garden gnomes while being chased by the Tarman, a cruel and relentless monster. You are helped in this task by a pair of magical spectacles that reveal indications and clues. While you are wearing the specs, you can't see the monster chasing you. Luckily he is quite vocal.
You will have to solve 4 puzzles in order to finish this level. There is no particular order and various strategies can be put it place in order to deal with the monster.

Design, 3d modelling and Unreal4 development.
Very proud of what I achieved in under 2 months, still a lot of room for improvement. Many new ideas sparkled since and from this project. Stay tuned for more video game and VR experiences projects.

I worked hard on the sound and music, doing field recordings for the wind and doing an extensive search on internet to find a series of creative common tracks that would fit the desired atmosphere. I used tracks from “blue dot session”, american based jazz collective based in the USA. I found them on freemusicarchive.com . I assigned each four tracks to each part of our map creating a collision box to trigger the track and a fade area. I have in the ambience sound, on top of the wind, some musical notes in the same scale and some crickets sound ensuring the smooth transition between areas. I also implemented simple footsteps, that I recorded in the park, walking on wet grass. I added some randomness to cut the repetitive aspect of it.
I also found a workflow using the intuitive and fast qualities of VR and made objects for the magic vision. I feel like it helped creating a unique look.
Link here to the write up about the all project, explaining precisely what was my role in the project.

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