First Google Tilt Brush session on the HTC vive.
Amazing first experience on virtual reality, creating hand made 3d sculptures/drawings.
The images in this page have been exported from tilt brush and rendered in Cinema 4D and they only show a fraction of what the experience is, how it is like to be "in" them. When you are wearing the vr headset, the impression of space and light is very intense and creates a strong visual experience. The tangibility of this parallele space is bluffing. The large scale of the drawings is fantastic, imagine that all those characters that i have created are bigger that you. The octopus has 4m tentacles. The creative potential is immense, even if the tools are yet quite basic. Really inspiring, I wish I have had more time to create more environments. after a week and a half I was just getting into it.
 I have also hidden drawings in the drawings, inviting the audience to dive in the sculptures, explore them, in order to find those secret messages. 
This is the beginning for me of a new practice and a first step into a new era of "video game" (the term feels very outdated) that I want to be part of, as a storyteller and a visual artist.

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