First Google Tilt Brush session on the HTC vive.
First experience on creating content for and in virtual reality.
I spent a full week creating 3d sculptures/drawings.
The images in this page have been exported from tilt brush and rendered in Cinema 4D and they only show a fraction of what I have created during this time and of what the experience is when immerse in those sculptures. 
In VR the impression of space, light and the large size of some of those scenes is very intense.  The octopus has 4 metres long tentacles, spread all around you. the Minotaurs are over 3 metres tall.
It really sold VR to me as a fantastic tool and way to express and experience art and other sort of entertainments. 
It is the start for me, of a phase of research and development, as a storyteller and a visual artist, using this medium. The potential seems infinite.

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