We created and curated a virtual event, accessible from any platform and device with great graphics, designs, showing art, architecture and archaeology.

We did so under the banner of METAXU, an informal agency creating virtual worlds and events.

My role was, depending on the event, to produce, organise, curate and create assets for the events. The only part I never took care of was the server/hosting side of things.
The pandemic brought many challenges. It slowed down and stopped many projects, shoots and events. Pierre Francois Gerard, Bedos Mavambu and I were planning to start a meetup, in-person call "IN-REAL TIME" around real-time rendering technologies. We wanted to gather all the artists, engineers, designers coming from architecture, game design, film VFX and virtual reality together under the same roof. Our idea was to stimulate cross polarisation and generate innovation. Covid 19 arrived right on time to derail our plans and it took us a little bit of time to do what now seems obvious: Making it happen virtually, Online and in VR. making the most out of Mozilla Hubs, an open-source in-browser virtual and social world platform. 

We started with a VR Santa event. Allowing children to meet Santa live, from the comfort of their home. It was a ticketed event for which we hired actors to play Santa and the elves. We built a Christmas themed environment and plenty of props and interactive objects. Over 4 days we welcomed numerous families and gathered overwhelmingly positive feedback.
After that, we went on to create our meet-up event. Every month for over 8 months. We have exhibited a little under 20 artists, architects, archaeological work, design and entertainment pieces. We have a solid audience and many recuring visitors we are proud to have built a small but prolific community of passionate people.

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