The Discovery Of Morniel Mathaway
20min, HD
adapted from the short novel of the same name written in 1956 by Willian Tenn.
We follow the daily struggle of two artists in east London until the day they receive the visit from an art critic, from the future...

imagine a film somewhere in between Withnail and I and terminator.

Self funded short produced by Grace Allen Bridger and Pablo Melchor,
We have manage to gather a fantastic cast and crew around the script. Simple and effective, sci fi without pretention, also echoing the life of many people in east London this was a great project to do for our first major project together. The indoor scenes where shot in Blait Zaye's studio in the fountayne road warehouse comunity of artists for who the struggle carrys on. As the author of the short novel, William Tenn, highlighted in his first compilation of short form work, it is all about the "human angle". We are using the sci fi element as an opportunity to tickle the audience's mind on some fondamental theory on time, destiny and human nature. 
The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway

Based on the story by William Tenn
with permission of the estate of the author (Philip Klass)

Directed by
Pablo Melchor
Produced by
Grace Allen Bridger
Director of Photography
Jack Hextall
Edited by
Bedos Mavambu
Assistant editors
Tom Turner
Jerome Raim
James Skerritt
Assistant Director
Rick Sims
Music composed by
Rachel Jackson
and performed by
Sound effects
Mattia Portello
Sound engineer and boom operator
Tom Turner
Ben Cheetham
Emily Wiles

Luke Bell
Greg Shewring
Theo Green
Location provided by
Blair Zain
Pages of Hackney
The Archivist Gallery

Thanks to
Fruma Klass
Jo Pearce
Emily Wiles for being so supportive
Blair Zain
Pages of Hackney
The Archivist Gallery
All our lovely extras

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