Putting deepfake to good use.
We were tasked to expose the impact videos using deepfake technology can have while also showing their floors. As a director/producer,  I wanted to spice up the project and we went for a multi-camera edit making it extra tricky on the deepfake side of things. We also deconstructed it in order to show the tech tricks behind the sorcery, pointing out what to look for when trying to identify deepfake videos. For this project, I worked closely again with "Sechez Vos Larmes" production and "Beaver Films" and we delivered an original concept and result.
Special thanks to the team on the shoot, Beth Wiles who was an incredible assistant, Bedos Mavambu supervising the post-production, Sami Jasmati providing support on the deepfake process and Julie Perfezou for the motion design.

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