Moonfunk is a sci-fi musical animated series aimed at 8-18 years old. 
It follows an intergalactic team of heroes coming to earth to fix the fabric of love. They are called the “ONELOVE-team earth” and are based on the dark side of the moon in a city built by the industrious Moolinks. The Team is composed of 5 members who came from the 4 corners of the galaxy and 2 interns who are both from the planet we know as Earth. 
They are all very different and will have to learn to know each other and live together. They will also need to learn about humans and their problems, finding creative and musical ways to fix the earthlings issues. A lot of work is awaiting them as the planet is facing unprecedented levels of chaos and destruction. Dark entities seem to be pulling the strings on this post-apocalyptic Earth. It will be the ONELOVE team’s main mission to identify, find and incapacitate them.
It is a musical series project using motion capture heavily as well as Unreal engine in order to create a workflow that allows a quick turnaround as well as putting the actors/musicians' performance at the centre of the show.  
The show will also leverage the power of the Unreal engine to exist in virtual reality simultaneously offering a virtual world where the audience can join in missions, create their own avatars and discover more about the series universe.
With a very fun and rich universe, attaching characters, action, humour and a lot of funk, this series will bring many challenges and I am convinced will be an instant classic. It is in an early stage of development and I am creating a teaser to bring it to distributors and producers.

I am currently looking for funding/production company/distributor.

Author’s notes: 

I am passionate about telling stories and my experience is that there is no better audience than young people. Their imagination is always switched on and they are ready to embark in the craziest adventures, the weirder and wackier the better. There is another aspect of my work that I am very passionate about and it is “impact”. I remember how the animations I was watching shaped the way I saw the world. Looking back, it feels like a lot of animated TV series from my youth (80’s) didn’t seem to be aware of that. Extreme violence and stereotypes were very common. Since then the landscape has changed drastically, nowadays cartoons such as adventure time, steven Universe and many others, promote much healthier and positive ideas and ideals. I see Moonfunk as a continuation of this where the prime focus is to tell a fun story that young people feel invested in but also promote empathy, compassion and solidarity

message me at 
kinopablo at gmail.com 
for more details and the PDF presentation for the project.

This project was developed with the generous help of the Art Council England.

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