Proposal for a series titled
Season 1 - 16x26mn episodes 

«We live - in forests of symbols.» 
(Charles Baudelaire)


My name isn't important. Just call me Geek – the stationary traveller.
I live in an apartment block in one of your European council estates,
doesn't matter which – maybe somewhere near you.
I never go out. I eat pizzas, drink soda and sit, day and night, in front of my screens.
Television, Internet, CCTV, webcams, smartphones – I have seen you at home,
I have seen you on the social networks – I know you, I know everyone.
Today I'd like to tell you some of the good stories I've recently discovered, recorded and
documented from the Web of information – that ocean of your fantasies.
A figure, you see, is emerging – a pattern, a meme – the shadow of a great Black Sun,
an eclipse of reason, stretches out over the deserts and the cities, and still you see nothing.
It's all hidden, of course – it’s occult ! But there are some who know – those whom the Black Sun has touched – whether they wanted it or not, whether they enjoy it or not – your neighbour, your office co-worker, a bum in the street – your head of state, your husband, your children – maybe they too have a “Black Sun in their mouth”.
But you couldn't see it.
Here are some of the stories ladies and gentlemen – tales from the other side of the coin.
Necromancy, cybermagic, spells, psych powers – all these things are very real, as long as one can see.
You will find them at the corner of the street, at work, at the supermarket – in your children's video games
and the tabloids' suggestive columns. The Black Sun is everywhere, can touch anyone –
some will be destroyed by it – others will find its Arcanas, and tortuous paths to power. 
Pray you don't recognize yourself in one of these stories – or on the contrary, hope to be touched.
It's all up to you. As to me, I couldn't care less – I'm not a sentimental person.
Oh, one last thing: like opium, the Black Sun has some notorious virtues of firing up the senses,
stirring up passions and reflecting fantasies – it's very inebriating.
All that just to say: put the rugrats to bed first, huh.
Se01Ep01 : CRASH
Se01Ep02 : TREE
Se01Ep05 : SLAVE
Se01Ep06 : RAVE
Se01Ep07 : THERAPY
Se01Ep08 : REMAINS
Se01Ep09 : DOLL
Se01Ep10 : SUICIDE
Se01Ep11 : INFANT
Se01Ep12 : VOICES
Se01Ep13 : FAT
Se01Ep14 : PRODUCT
Se01Ep15 : JAIL
Se01Ep16 : SUN 
We have developed a series grounded in the present and the real - in our modern era of information and globalization. We have then summoned various myths stemming from pop culture, esotericism and / or the collective unconscious (psyche / internet) to create a shift into the imaginary genres of sci-fi and / or the supernatural.
This series - written in France and the UK by a team of French authors - has the aim, from its very first season, to deploy on a European level (episodes set in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain) and eventually on a global scale (some episodes set in India and Nigeria in season 1).
Through the combination of fantasy and sci-fi, the concept of the series connects the primitive (magical) to the high tech (cybernetics). The central issue in the episodes will most often be an encounter - a question of speech and ascendancy - the “Soleil Noir" ("Black Sun”) being essentially a "power" enabling manipulation of others. At the heart of this issue, we have chosen to focus especially on female characters, in their emotional dimension, with unabashed feminist commitment.
We chose to present this universe in the form of a prism - in a variety of facets, situations and characters - all under the common denominator of the "Black Sun". Each episode features a new situation, with new characters (as in "The Twilight Zone") - however some recurring elements will create a kind of "mytharc conspiracy" feel in the background (as in the “X-Files").
Far from Hollywood’s filters, we have imagined a series steeped in blunt European realism (varied social contexts), sharp suspense (unpredictable and unforgiving), sometimes poisonously romantic (Baudelaire, Nietzsche) or contaminated by postmodernist madness (Baudrillard, Ballard). Most issues brought up by the “Black Sun” are fundamentally beyond good and evil.
The series is meant to be both fresh and wired, dark and exciting, with a fair amount of provocation and subversion. "Soleil Noir" is aimed particularly at those young adults who nowadays abandon TV for the Internet, offering them an accessible “horror” show, and at the same time a sophisticated, empathetic and humane (though quite dark) approach to some major fantasy and sci-fi classic themes. 
"Talking with a Black Sun in the mouth."
You will come across that cryptic sentence many times throughout the series scripts.
It refers to a "power" that we may sometimes define as "ESP manipulation" or "ESP domination".
But this definition is not exclusive. The Black Sun, like the Jedi’s "Force" (with its "dark side") is a fluid, a "juice", or even a "light" or "anti- light", that may be used in many ways, expressed through many forms.
There is a "Sole Nero" coffee brand, some "Schwarze Sonne" anxiolytics - the Black Sun can be found in certain plant and animal secretions... Hebrew Qabalah associates it to Sephiroth Daath, the "eclipsed" (missing) foundation for speech and knowledge, located in the throat.
Onscreen, the Black Sun is a black light, negative radiation - dark star in a white world, or inverted tree: roots above, branches below. It is also a black fluid, or vapor, that rises from the lips of those who seduce or dominate with the "Black Sun in their mouth”.
In short, the Black Sun questions the "reversal of values". It is connected to the Tarot card "The Hangman" - a filter, an optical means designed to reveal (the invisible, the power, the magic - another version of the truth).
There is therefore, in this universe, a hidden, invisible power, controlled by some - endured by most others.
In the manner of  the "mutant powers" of Marvel comics superheroes, holders of this powerful occult energy - may it be by accident, because they wanted it or because they were born with it - will perceive this experience either as a revelation or a curse. 
Some will be destroyed by it - others will learn how to use it, and become masters.
About the authors : two French UFOs.
Alex Jestaire : Writer & scriptwriter, author of several novels including "Tourville" published by Au Diable Vauvert (French publisher for Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Irvine Welsh...) He has had some of his work adapted to the screen and has worked on many productions.
Pablo Melchor : Director / art director, visual agitator, several shorts prized, extensive experience in film / video production.

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